Stand-up jig head


Available in four attractive colours, the Verticool jig head is armed with ultra-sharp VMC Barbarian Black Nickel hooks.

Our range of shads perfectly compliment all our jig heads whether casting or vertical fishing. The size of the hook o the Verticool is suitably adapted to each head weight. Its shaft length will allow you to effectively arm our L16 Shad, Slit Shad, etc. By positioning the hook well you can optimize the fall and swimming action of lures. In case you would have to deal with particularly short biting fish, we recommend Gamakatsu Twinex treble hooks whose quality clearly puts it at the top of stinger hooks.
The specific form of Verticool optimizes swimming of soft lures both Vertical fishing (14 to 28 g) and when retrieving (7-14 g), a weapon of choice for your next season.


Weight / Hook sizeChartreuseGunsmokeRedPearl WhiteQty / Pack
10 g / 2/0SAPAB005010-CHARTSAPAB005010-GUNSAPAB005010-REDSAPAB005010-PWHIT3
14 g / 3/0SAPAB005014-CHARTSAPAB005014-GUNSAPAB005014-REDSAPAB005014-PWHIT3
17 g / 4/0SAPAB005017-CHARTSAPAB005017-GUNSAPAB005017-REDSAPAB005017-PWHIT2
21 g / 4/0SAPAB005021-CHARTSAPAB005021-GUNSAPAB005021-REDSAPAB005021-PWHIT2
28 g / 5/0SAPAB005028-CHARTSAPAB005028-GUNSAPAB005028-REDSAPAB005028-PWHIT2
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