Weedless round jig head


The Round Guard jig head is a traditional style jig but it is equipped with an anti-weed device (weedless) consists of a rigid monofilament strand that offers a major asset in the midst of crowded positions.

Rigid enough to pass smoothly through moderate obstacles, the system does not interfere under any circumstances with the lure. The diameter of the hook on the Roundguard allows good hookups with fish without harming the presentation of the lure.

CodeWeight / Hook sizeQty / Pack
SAPAB00481-21 g / 23
SAPAB00482-22 g / 23
SAPAB00483-13 g / 13
SAPAB00485-1/05 g / 1/03
SAPAB00487-2/07 g / 2/03
SAPAB004810-3/010 g / 3/03
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