Jointed rattling shad jig head


The Labrax jig head is an articulated head designed to fit perfectly with Sakura soft lures and ensure optimal swimming and presentation.

With the success of shads rigged on the Labrax, it has been adapted to many soft lures on the market, including the now famous sandeels Majikeel. These articulated heads offer accentuated swimming amplitude and a freedom of movement that bring a natural behavior to your lures. But the originality of these jig heads is their sound, unprecedented in the world of jig heads. With a big ball of tungsten in motion an integrated rattle chamber in the Labrax head, it emits a deep sound known to attract large bass!

CodeWeight / Hook sizeQty / Pack
LESK 900001414 g / 2/04
LESK 900002828 g / 3/04
LESK 900007575 g / 7/02
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