LRF jig head


Look at the face and quickly guess why it has that name! Perfectly adapted to LRF (Light Rock Fishing) and other finesse fisheries,  Grogneuse is effective with all your micro soft lures.

His hollow face offers resistance in water and slows the lure on the descent and on the fall to keep the lure in the attacking zone. Also animating lures such as  (Stick AJ, AJ Worm, Slit and Slit Shad Finesse 2 ”, etc.) gently when drawn. The diameter of the hook on the Grogneuse is strong enough to land good fish without harming the presentation of the lure. On its stem, a phosphorescent epoxy resin spot helps keep the lure in place and adds a luminescent glow in particular when using translucent lures night.

CodeWeight / Hook sizeQty / Pack
SAPAB00491-81 g / 84
SAPAB00492-62 g / 64
SAPAB00493-43 g / 44
SAPAB00495-25 g / 24
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