Light Rock Fishing – LRF jig head


The Ballbarb head is a small jig head designed for finesse fishing. Oval in shape, it has an offset center of gravity which facilitates the action of small soft lures. Its shaft has micro barbs that facilitate the proper maintenance of soft lures.

Its shape also provides good control of the lure and gives it a slightly accentuated wobbling action. Perfectly adapted to  AJ Stick, AJ Worm, Slit Shad and Slit Shad Finesse 2 ”, it will perfectly complement our other head finesse head, the Grogneuse. The diameter of the  hook on the Ballbarb allows to you to land fish without harming the presentation of the lure due to the quality of fine wire used in manufacturing.

2016CodeWeight / Hook sizeQty / Pack
NEWSAPAC00561-61 g / 66
NEWSAPAC00562-62 g / 65
NEWSAPAC00563-43 g / 45
NEWSAPAC00564-44 g / 44
NEWSAPAC00565-25 g / 23
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