Whether freshwater or sea, soft lures are increasingly used in France and around the World. Invented originally for Black bass fishing, they are now broken down in a multitude of shapes and sizes to be of interest to all kinds of predators. We offer you the most effective arrangements for soft lures that you can then adapt to the conditions encountered locally. We invite you to consult the flexible lure range Sakura, Yamamoto and Biwaa that should meet your needs as they are complete and complementary.

TEXAS MOUNTING (Texas Rig) – basics.

Originally from the USA and used mainly for fishing Black bass, this assembly allows you explore the most snaggy stations without getting hooked up. Although you can achieve with a single hook, it offers maximum efficiency with an off-center shaft hook (offset hook) specially designed for this.
Today, the Texan mounting is used in sea and fresh water for all kinds of predators.

Although you will over time adapt these basic principles, here’s how to set up the classic Texas rig. Further down you will discover the different variations around this method.

N°1 : prick the tip of the hook in the “nose” of the lure and exit after a few millimeters. On a lure having a different colours on the back and belly of the lure, exit the hook on the belly side.


N°2 : sliding the hook through the lure until the lure reach the level of the eyelet for attaching the line.


N°3 : rotate the hook so as to position its tip toward the back of the lure.


N°4 : after spotting where the hook point will be positioned, push the hook point through the lure, observing proper alignment in the longitudinal axis.


N°5 : Ensure the lure is straight and the hook point exposed. It’s ready ! The lure must not be stretched or coiled on the shaft to maintain its efficiency.


TEXAN MOUNTING (Texas Rig) – variations

Texan mounting style variations are distinguished by the fact that the system is weighted or not and that the weight is free to slide on the line or not.

Weightless Rig: (rigging without weights) clean installation (hook – lure) to prospect the surface layers or get a natural action leaving a slowly sinking lure. Ideal for Senko Gary Yamamoto and Fat Ika, Slit Shad, Shad L16, L16 Koneel Sakura, Scorpitail Biwaa etc … Hooks Recommended: Gamakatsu Offset Worm W34 – W314 – W323 – EWG – W321.


Texas Rig (Installation with weight): Mounting Texan whose basic sliding weight leaves a great freedom of swimming and cancels the resistance of the weight when the fish grabs the lure. Poorly suited, however, to highly snaggy items like trees and other dead wood piles. Hooks identical to Weightless Rig and  lead or tungsten weights between 3.5 g to 14 g.


Texas Rig fixed : Variant whose weight is blocked by a Sinker Stopper Sakura positioned up the line. This arrangement allows the prospect of really dirty ground without snagging. It offers, in addition, a gain in precision when casting and penetration of the obstacle. Virtually all soft lures Gary Yamamoto Biwaa and Sakura suitable for this type of installation and the Texas Rig classic.



There are also mounting Texan style variations on the degree of exposure of the tip of the hook. According to the ground you fish and the “greed” of the fish it is appropriate to adjust this setting to keep high efficiency of exploration and achievement of hooking.

Full Texas Rig (original style) : For very snaggy stations, the point of the hook remains fully hidden in the body of the lure. Hooking up can be difficult so a delayed strong strike is required. Recommended Hooks: Gamakatsu Offset Worm W34 – W31.


Tex-skinned Rig : The point of the hook through the body of the lure is then bedded slightly on the back of the lure. This arrangement allows to pass into obstacles not too thick while maintaining good hooking efficiency. Recommended Hooks: Gamakatsu Worm Offset W314 – W323 – W321.


Texposed Rig : The point of the hook is pushed through the body of the lure and remains exposed on the back of the lure. This arrangement is for open water stations or uncongested areas. Recommended Hooks: Gamakatsu Worm Offset W314 – W323 – W321.



attractive assembly, obtained by pricking the hook in the middle of the lure or “shoulder”. Weighted with a lead or tungsten insert, or used weightless for slow animation or surface, it is best used with a spinning setup . Recommended Hooks: Gamakatsu W39, 318 and 318 Worm weedless, perfect with a Senko or Pro Senko, a venum Tail Biwaa or L16 Koneel Sakura.



Based on the principle of the Wacky Rig, a jig head is used to accentuate the lure of switching and amplifying the beat of its ends during lifts and falls, in midwater or on the bottom. Hook recommended: Wacky Jack Roll 212 head.



This revolutionary assembly, discovered in Japan, gives your lure a realistic fleeting swim. Wacky mounted with a weighted insert, the lure will go to the left or right (depending on the mounting direction) when it prints a slight continuous movement. The L16 Koneel Sakura loaded with a tungsten insert is perfect for this. Recommended Hooks: Gamakatsu Worm 318 and 318 weedless.



finesse mounting by pinching a split shot 30 to 60 cm from the lure. It allows to explore a discretely zone with wary fish, suspended or glued to the bottom. The ballast can also be
consisting of a lightweight ball (max 7g) in a Carolina style. Hooks Recommended: Gamakatsu W39, W318 and 318 weedless and all models Offset congested areas. Our favorite lures: Slit Shad Slit Finesse, L16 Koneel, Senko, Shad Shape Worm, Zander K Biwaa, etc.



Rien de mieux pour prospecter une vaste zone avec des leurres souples. Une balle de 14 à 42 g est enfilée sur le corps de ligne, une perle protège le noeud et un émerillon limite le vrillage. Le bas de ligne mesure de 30 cm
à 1.20 m, selon l’activité des poissons et l’encombrement du fond. La récupération se fait par lentes tirées de  la canne et un rattrapage de la bannière au moulinet. Hooks recommandés : Gamakatsu Worm Offset W34 – W314 – W323 – W321. Nos leurres favoris : Armored Craw Biwaa, Slit Shad Sakura, Craws et Lizards Yamamoto