Spin blade jig head


The lure of a blade added to a lure or jig head is no longer in doubt. Sakura offers the Spinhead that will bring an added attraction to your soft lures (swimbaits, grubs).

The shape of the jig head has been designed to provide stability and promote rolling action of lures. An extra eye is present in the leaded head Spinhead that enables you to attach a snood and a “stinger hook.”
“Willow leaf” blades that equip Spinhead have a tight rotation that does not affect the swimming the lure. They are unrivaled regarding the emission of light flashes that will be essential to attract the attention of large distant predators.


Weight / Hook sizeChartreuse / Palette GoldGunsmoke / Palette CuivreRed / Palette GoldWhite / Palette SilverQty / Pack
10 g / 2/0SAPAB004710-CHARTSAPAB004710-GUNSAPAB004710-REDSAPAB004710-WHIT1
14 g / 3/0SAPAB004714-CHARTSAPAB004714-GUNSAPAB004714-REDSAPAB004714-WHIT1
21 g / 4/0SAPAB004721-CHARTSAPAB004721-GUNSAPAB004721-REDSAPAB004721-WHIT1
28 g / 5/0SAPAB004728-CHARTSAPAB004728-GUNSAPAB004728-REDSAPAB004728-WHIT1
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