Rattling shad jig head


The Pollax jig head comes from the famous articulated Labrax head. The fixed version enables ultra-rapid installation and excellent cohesion between the lure and fixed head.

Swimming lures are optimized by promoting the natural rolling action. Of course, the Pollax jig head fits perfectly with soft lures Punshad Sakura-T and Majikeel but also to many other soft lures on the market. Vs. its competitors, the Pollax offers a choice asset: the sound! It has an internal chamber that houses a tungsten ball and delivers a deep sound with known attractiveness to large bass!

CodeWeight / Hook sizeQty / Pack
LESK 890001414 g / 2/04
LESK 890002828 g / 3/04
LESK 890009595 g / 7/02
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