Shad jig head


Component of our innovative ‘L16 Process “, the L16 Shad Jig Head fits perfectly with our L16 Shad soft lures.

Its design allows it to be easily rigged centrally on the lure every time, for a linear action, nose down, rolling action, great for bass fishing.
The finish on our L16 Shad Jig Heads stand out from competing models because we chose a qualitative coating of a neutral color, like gunsmoke, which easily matches with all shad colours. The chemicaly sharpened hook is very sharp and has an opening precisely proportioned and a shank length that positions him perfectly on your lure. We recommend that you fasten the lure with a drop of liquid adhesive to ensure it remains in perfect position.

CodeWeight / Hook sizeQty / Pack
SAPAC005810-110 g / 1 – L16 Shad Baby Jig Head2
SAPAC005814-1/014 g / 1/0 – L16 Shad Baby Jig Head2
SAPAC005817-1/017 g / 1/0 – L16 Shad Baby Jig Head2
SAPAB004521-4/021 g / 4/02
SAPAB004528-4/028 g / 4/02
APAB004535-5/035 g / 5/02
SAPAB004542-6/042 g / 6/02
SAPAB004555-6/055 g / 6/02
We recommend the following combinations :

• The 10 g, 14 g, and 17 g
for the L16 Shad 90 mm
• The 21 g, 28 g, and 35 g
for the L16 Shad 120 mm
• The 35 g, 42 g, and 55 g
for the L16 Shad 150 mm

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