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Category : Eels – sandeels
Specifications :
• 6’’- 150 mm : pieces per pack : 6
• 8’’- 200 mm : pieces per pack : 4

Originally developed for bass fishing, offshore, the L16 Koneel should also great for freshwater predator fishing: bass, perch and zander in the first places. Stripped of his head, Koneel L16 can be mounted on our heads leaded L16 Koneel Jig Heads or Makaira heads.

Keeping his head, you can install it on an “offset” hook for searching rough ground on a Texas Rig, weighted or weightless or hook the nose on a mounting for vertical drop shot fishing. The polymer used has a specific hardness, robust, allowing you to take more fish with the same bait. The density of plastic provides a lure able to face all kinds of current configurations by providing a disorderly and vivid swimming very attractive.

Animated with light strokes or more fished with little input in current, the L16 Koneel mimics the naturally wagging swim of a sand eel or sand eel, very popular prey of bass. The L16 Koneel remains flexible enough to be kept in the mouth for a moment and give you the time to strike, which is significant when seeking big bass or freshwater predators in general. We flavoured with aniseed to increase a little more this time tasting !

Always listening to fishermen, Sakura innovate despite a very competitive field, creating the L16 Shad and L16 Koneel.

Besides their very attractive natural shape, these lures feature a unique patented system that allows you to remove the head of the lure without tools, by simply pulling, to fit perfectly with a jig head. This unique system is achieved with a light pre-cut slot fitted on the circumference of the head.

With a traditional lure to get the same result, it is necessary to remove the head with a knife or scissors. The approximate result is not always the one expected, often the correct rigging isn’t found first time, ultimately, a lure that has lost attractiveness because of material removal. With the “process L16” the fisherman always get a cut bait in the same way, in a quick operation.

Montage-L16-Koneel-sans-la-tête Montage-L16-Koneel-avec-la-tête

Color chart

L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″) K01 (SMELT) SAPLB5044150-K01
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K02 (TENNESSEE SHAD)SAPLB5044150-K02
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K03 (ANCHOVY)SAPLB5044150-K03
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K04 (SARDINE)SAPLB5044150-K04
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K05 (CRYSTAL SHAD)SAPLB5044150-K05
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K06 (SEXY SHAD)SAPLB5044150-K06
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K08 (GOLDEN GREEN) SAPLB5044150-K08
L16 Koneel 150 mm (6″)K09 (ARKANSAS SHINER)SAPLB5044150-K09
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L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″) K01 (SMELT) SAPLB5044150-K01
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K02 (TENNESSEE SHAD)SAPLB5044150-K02
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K03 (ANCHOVY)SAPLB5044150-K03
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K04 (SARDINE)SAPLB5044150-K04
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K05 (CRYSTAL SHAD)SAPLB5044150-K05
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K06 (SEXY SHAD)SAPLB5044150-K06
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K08 (GOLDEN GREEN) SAPLB5044150-K08
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K09 (ARKANSAS SHINER)SAPLB5044150-K09
L16 Koneel 200 mm (8″)K11 (ORANGE CHART)SAPLB5044150-K11
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