Lures – Soft baits


Category : Light Rock Fishing (LRF)
Specifications : 2’’ – 50 mm
Pieces per pack : 12

Longer and more tapered, the A.J Worm differs from the “A.J Stick” by their swimming action more jerky and frisky. The tapered tail sways and vibrates under the effect of the smallest movements of water, for a natural action. Despite its more consistent size, ultra smooth consistency allows it to be taken very easily by small predators. With his behavior reminiscent of a shrimp or a small fry, the Worm to A.J already attracted a wide variety of fish in both freshwater and sea!

Color chart

NEWA.J Worm 50 mm (2″)005 (GLOW PINK)SAPLD503750-005
NEWA.J Worm 50 mm (2″)006 (GLOW WHITE)SAPLD503750-006
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