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Category : Light Rock Fishing (LRF)
Specifications : 1.75’’ – 45 mm
Pieces per pack : 12

This small cylindrical lure with a skinny tail was specially designed to meet the expectations of fans of “rock fishing” and ultra finesse freshwater fishing (perch, trout, etc.). The A.J Stick consists of a new generation of plastic, extremely flexible and resistant, which gives it an intense mobility and a morphology similar to a little shrimp, an insect larva or fry. This very special texture gives it a unique ability, reacting to the slightest twitch.

Color chart

NEWA.J Stick 45 mm (1,75″)005 (GLOW PINK)SAPLD503645-005
A.J Stick 45 mm (1,75″)006 (GLOW WHITE)LESK0204506
A.J Stick 45 mm (1,75″)029 (GLOW PUMPKIN W/BLK N GRN)LESK0204529
A.J Stick 45 mm (1,75″)030 (GLOW GOLD W/GOLD) LESK0204530
A.J Stick 45 mm (1,75″)031 (GLOW PHANTOM W/SILVER)LESK0204531
NEWA.J Stick 45 mm (1,75″)032 (GLOW PHANTOM W/SILVER)SAPLD503645-032
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