SK 9510

Tackle box


This box / belt is very functional as its ergonomic design that allow you to take with you the minimum necessary for a session of street or Light Rock Fishing.

Fully removable, the walls of the main compartment can release a beautiful space to store bags of soft lures or hard lures. These walls positioned as your wish welcome spoons, hard baits or small spinnerbait. the cover also includes compartment fitted with transparent lids to visualize what is stored and access it easily. On one side there is a rigid way that allows to install a pair of scissors or pliers, always useful to have them on hand.

* Note: the contents of the boxes photographed is not included, sold separately or presented as an illustration.

ModelCodeDimensions (cm)
SK-9510SAPAA000727 x 10 x 10
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BOX SK-9510 1
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