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Boxes of SK-60 series Sakura are undoubtedly the ultimate compact boxes for lures and small to medium-sized accessories. They are compatible with many of our boxes and bags in which they fit for optimal organization.

A step closer to the optimal organization of your material is passed through SAKURA and this series of small and medium utility boxes. Available in three sizes (40-60 and 80), these boxes have specific compartmentalisation configurations that have been selected to fit best according to their size. The dimensions of the boxes of these three series have been designed to be inserted into some boxes in our range and our SK-9380 and SK-9378 SK-9810 and bags. The icing on the cake, colored clasps allow quick identification of the box style.

  • Version SK-60-M: version “Multi” (M) stores without internal stresses large or bulky lures and accessories.
  • Version SK-60 S: the special version “spinnerbait” (S), convenient storage for compact spinnerbait and buzzbaits with its crenellated wall.

* Note: the contents of the boxes photographed is not included, sold separately or presented as an illustration.

ModèleCodeDimensions (cm)Compartments
SK-60 MBTSK 020060918,6 x 10,3 x 3,41 case
SK-60 SBTSK 020060618,6 x 10,3 x 3,42 cases fixes et 1 cloison centra crénelée pour spinnrbaits
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BOX SK-60 1
BOX SK-60 2
BOX SK-60 3

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