SK-8000 WG

Tackle box


A “must have” with huge storage space, Sakura introduces this SK-8000 WG (Water Guard) box truly 100 % waterproof.

With an interesting storage capacity thanks to its generous dimensions, the SK-8000 WG box is 100% waterproof. A sturdy gasket is installed around the lid and provides effective protection against penetration or discharge of water or other liquid. Thus, it is ideal for anglers who use lures / baits that should be kept in a specific liquid. With its removable compartments you can best organise depending on models or colors to avoid mixtures. Robust and locked by 4 powerful clasps, it will also house all your valuables (phone, camera …).
* Note: the contents of the boxes photographed is not included, sold separately or presented as an illustration.

ModelCodeDimensions (cm)Compartments
SK-8000 WGSAPAA000520,5 x 14,5 x 61 to 4 adjustable compartments
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