Tackle box


Ideal Evolution at the crossroads of our “best sellers” SK-9380 and SK-9370, this box is the compromise dreamed for the fisherman who wants the storage volume without too much clutter.

Look, its dimensions speak for themselves! Featuring the same patented technical features and built with the same ultra-resistant materials that made the success of its predecessor (SK-9380), the 9378 SK box can be supplemented by the SK-9460 boxes, SK-9310 and 9311, SK 9210, SK-9820 and SK 9821 and SK-60 series and-80.
* Note: the contents of the boxes photographed is not included, sold separately or presented as an illustration.

ModelCodeDimensions (cm)
SK-9378BTSK 009378043 x 29,5 x 18,6
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BOX SK-9378 1
BOX SK-9378 2
BOX SK-9378 3
BOX SK-9378 4

Tackle Box Range