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Category : Flappers
Specifications : 135 mm (75 g)
Depth range : Surface

Ideal for trolling or sight fishing, our flapper style lure the Skip’R 135F is designed for all those exotic fish or big fish on our coast.

With its unique profile, here’s a lure that is not very familiar in the ranges presented in France but which nevertheless remains one of the best surface lures in the tropics. From shore or boat, trolling or casting on hunts, you can trigger the attack of many predators. Equipped with a robust single hook VMC 7264 11/0 it is also possible to equip it with a treble hook or embellish it by sliding a octopus type of lure on the hook. Roosters fish, kingfish, tuna, kingfish and wahoo are his preferred targets, but remember that it is able to attract many other sea predators.

Color chart

Surface Skip’R 135 F (135 mm – 75 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLD5015135-A06
Surface Skip’R 135 F (135 mm – 75 g)A10 (AURORA BLUE)SAPLD5015135-A10
Surface Skip’R 135 F (135 mm – 75 g)CR01 (CRYSTAL ANCHOVY)SAPLD5015135-CR01
Surface Skip’R 135 F (135 mm – 75 g)L13 (LASER PINK)SAPLD5015135-L13
Surface Skip’R 135 F (135 mm – 75 g)008 (RED HEAD)SAPLD5015135-008
Surface Skip’R 135 F (135 mm – 75 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)SAPLD5015135-P06
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