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Category : Popper
Specifications : 70 mm (9 g)
Depth range : surface

With a silhouette suitable for freshwater predators and saltwater, more substantial in size (pike, freshwater bass, bass, etc.), the dreaded Pop’n Dog 70F offers swimming and action remarkably appealing.

The weights placed at the rear of the body facilitate casts, both in distance and accuracy, and ensure perfect balance. When stopped, the 30 ° angle of buoyancy allow into action at the slightest touch. You can do popper, splasher and swimming walking the dog with ease.

The triple tail dressed holographic fibers “Krystal Flash” wavy giving a rainbow effect at the slightest ray of sunshine. In addition, this fiber is significantly stronger than natural materials, such as feathers, traditionally used.

In short, the Pop’n Dog 70F concentrates all the qualities that a popper should have to give you pleasure and efficiency in all situations.

Color chart

Pop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLA500170-A06
NEWPop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLA500170-M06
NEWPop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)M14 (MAT PINK TIGER)SAPLA500170-M14
Pop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)033 (ALBINO FROG)SAPLA500170-033
Pop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)RL03 (REAL LIFE PERCHE)SAPLA500170-RL03
Pop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)RL06 (REAL LIFE SNAKE HEAD)SAPLA500170-RL06
NEWPop’n Dog 70 F (70 mm – 9 g)RL14 (REAL LIFE PEACOCK)SAPLA500170-RL14
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