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Category : Stickbaits
Specifications : 105 mm (23.5 g)
Depth range : Subsurface

This version of Naja 105 SuB called “Silent Underwater Bait” was adapted from the floating version keeping the overall silhouette! It is terribly good for tricking perch, bass and asp in freshwater but also the sea predators such as bass, bonito, etc.

Intended for fish that refuse floating stickbaits, both at sea on predators in freshwater suspicious asp or pike, Naja 105SuB works just under the surface film. With careful balancing, they support all kinds of activities (walking the dog, long slide, etc.), but excellent in nerve medley that perfectly reproduce the behaviour of juvenile fish run. The weights are fixed and make these completely silent lures. The Naja 105SuB optimise discrete approaches where noisemakers lures are prohibited.

Color chart

Naja 105 SuB (105 mm – 23,5 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLA5020105-A06
Naja 105 SuB (105 mm – 23,5 g)CR06 (CRYSTAL ANCHOVY)SAPLA5020105-CR06
NEWNaja 105 SuB (105 mm – 23,5 g)G21 (GHOST LANÇON)SAPLA5020105-G21
Naja 105 SuB (105 mm – 23,5 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)SAPLA5020105-P06
Naja 105 SuB (105 mm – 23,5 g)RL13 (REAL LIFE MULLET)SAPLA5020105-RL13
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