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Category : Topwater bug
Specifications : 30 mm (3,5 g)
Depth range : surface

Made of high density polyurethane foam, Notobug 30F is an insect imitation, great to use when searching for chub or Bass, both particularly fond of this kind of critters!

With small movements you can vibrate the silicone filament legs of Notobug 30F to give it the appearance of a water bug struggling. Another very good animation technique is possible by recovering in the stop & go retrieve Notobug 30F, which will cause commotion in the water film. During breaks it rises to the surface as to come breathe … there he is often eaten!
Finally, the ultimate technique to trick the most wary fish: leave inert surface near the plant vaults or weed beds and do absolutely nothing!

Color chart

Notobug 30 F (30 mm – 3,5 g)06SAPLB50393006
NEWNotobug 30 F (30 mm – 3,5 g)07SAPLB50393007
NEWNotobug 30 F (30 mm – 3,5 g)08SAPLB50393008
NEWNotobug 30 F (30 mm – 3,5 g)09SAPLB50393009
NEWNotobug 30 F (30 mm – 3,5 g)>10SAPLB50393010
NEWNotobug 30 F (30 mm – 3,5 g)11SAPLB50393011
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