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Category : Lipless Crankbait
Specifications : 70 S SOS : 70 mm (18 g) / SOS = Silencieux
Depth range : 70 S SOS : up to 2 m

Symbolic of power fishing “finesse”, this silent lipless crankbait, the Tantra Vib 70S SOS are extremely efficient to quickly locate predators wary of noisy lures they have become accustomed to seeing.

The lipless crankbait SAKURA Tantra Vib 70 S SOS has a very specific design that differentiates it from competing models. It offers a very good aerodynamics and keeps a precise trajectory when casting. So you reach long distances and will drill the wind gently.

The Vib Tantra presents an ideal silhouette width gives it both an interesting anti-weed ability to sneak into weed beds, on continuous and linear recovery, and a vibration function above average. His swimming is neither too tight nor too wide which allows you to vary the speed of recovery without losing efficiency.

On the way down, it undulates slightly like a real prey fish and keeps optimum casting speed to be attractive while earning the depths fast enough.

This release S.O.S (Sound Of Silence) is silent and will give you a serious asset to trigger the attack of predators subject to heavy fishing pressure or when conditions are difficult (clear water, high pressure, etc.). You’ll note in passing that the colours in this range are ideal for this discrete approaches. When fishing requires an audible signal more brand or when fish are most active, change to the more aggressive Version Tantra Vib 70S Knocker.

Color chart

Tantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLD500918-A06
Tantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)A16 (AURORA PERCHE)SAPLD500918-A16
NEWTantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)016 (BRONZE PERCH)SAPLD500918-016
NEWTantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)SAPLD500918-P06
Tantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)RL03 (REAL LIFE PERCHE)SAPLD500918-RL03
Tantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)RL10 (REAL LIFE SUNFISH)SAPLD500918-RL10
Tantra Vib 70 S SOS (70 mm – 18 g)RL14 (REAL LIFE PEACOCK)SAPLD500918-RL14
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