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Category : Lipless Crankbait
Specifications : 70 S Knocker : 70 mm (21 g) / Knocker = Bruiteur +
Depth range : 70 S Knocker : up to 2,50 m

Symbolizing power fishing, this lipless crank baits with “Knocker” buzzer system, the Tantra Vib 70S Knocker are extremely efficient to quickly locate active predators and annoy those who are less active in order to trigger their attacks.

The lipless crankbait SAKURA Tantra Vib 70 S Knocker has a very specific design that differentiates it from competing models. It offers very good aerodynamics and keeps a precise trajectory when casting. So you reach long distances and will drill into the wind.

The Tantra Vib presents an ideal silhouette width gives it both an interesting anti-weed ability to sneak in herbaria, continuous and linear recovery, and a vibration function above average. His swimming is neither too tight nor too wide which allows you to vary the speed of recovery without losing efficiency.

On the way down, it falls like a real young fish and keeps optimum casting speed to be attractive while earning the depths fast enough.

This version is noisy Knocker through internal percussion system consists of a metal cylinder and a sounding board textured ABS. This will give you a serious asset to ensure proper identification of luring by predators when the fishing area has high turbidity (cloudy water in opaque), low light and the presence of waves, weed or obstacles.

This version whose colours are perfectly suited to this flashy approach is for active fish. For fish less active or inactive, change to Tantra version of Vib 70 S SOS silent.

Color chart

Tantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLD500921-A06
NEWTantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)A23 (AURORA SUNRISE)SAPLD500921-A23
Tantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)G06 (GHOST MINNOW)SAPLD500921-G06
Tantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLD500921-M06
Tantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)M12 (MAT RED CRAW)SAPLD500921-M12
Tantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)M13 (MAT SHELL CRAW)SAPLD500921-M13
NEWTantra Vib 70 S Knocker (70 mm – 21 g)M14 (MAT PINK TIGER)SAPLD500921-M14
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