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Category : Crankbait
Specifications : 65 mm (18,4 g)
Depth range : 0 ~ 4 m

The SCB Crank 400F is a “deep runner” silent crankbait ideal to quickly prospect areas up to 4 meters deep. Very versatile, it will allow you to rake power fishing large areas effectively.

Its large size will also target the large pike always prone to sanction a crankbait came its territory. Quickly gaining its depth of “cruising”, the SCB 400F is immediately fishing from the first meters of recovery. This is one of the very few crankbaits on the market to be equipped with a magnetic internal mass transfer system, to increase the accuracy and distance of your shots. Also note that the belly treble hook is mounted on a rolling swivel to limit the hook off during the fight.


NEWSCB Crank 400 F (65 mm – 18,4g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLE500365-A06
NEWSCB Crank 400 F (65 mm – 18,4g)016 (BRONZE PERCH)SAPLE500365-016
NEWSCB Crank 400 F (65 mm – 18,4g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLE500365-M06
NEWSCB Crank 400 F (65 mm – 18,4g)M12 (MAT RED CRAW)SAPLE500365-M12
NEWSCB Crank 400 F (65 mm – 18,4g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)SAPLE500365-P06
NEWSCB Crank 400 F (65 mm – 18,4g)RL03 (REAL LIFE PERCH)SAPLE500365-RL03
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