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Category : Crankbait
Specifications : 53 mm (10.7 g)
Depth range : 0 ~ 1 m

SCB Crank 100F is a silent “shallow crankbait” that is simply great to quickly explore shallow areas. By varying the speed of retrieve, you will be able to evolve your crankbait in different ways equally attractive in front of many species of predators.

When slowly cranking, the wobbling acvtion will be low, similar to natural fish cwimming action. On the other hand, if you recover it faster, your swim becomes explosive! The SCB 100F is one of the very few crankbaits on the market to be equipped with a magnetic internal mass transfer system, to increase the accuracy and distance of your throws. A Must to explore the upper layer from to above the weed beds! Note also that the belly treble hook is mounted on rolling swivel to limit the hook off during the fight.


NEWSCB Crank 100 F (53 mm – 10,7 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLE500353-A06
NEWSCB Crank 100 F (53 mm – 10,7 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLE500353-M06
NEWSCB Crank 100 F (53 mm – 10,7 g)M12 (MAT RED CRAW)SAPLE500353-M12
NEWSCB Crank 100 F (53 mm – 10,7 g)016 (BRONZE PERCH)SAPLE500353-016
NEWSCB Crank 100 F (53 mm – 10,7 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)SAPLE500353-P06
NEWSCB Crank 100 F (53 mm – 10,7 g)RL03 (REAL LIFE PERCH)SAPLE500353-RL03
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