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Category : Minnow
Specifications : 80 mm (7.8 g)
Floating (slow floating)
Depth range : up to 0.80 m

The Dace Minnow 80 F is a typical jerkbait profile. Its front part is sleek, feature traditional minnow profile, while its caudal part is stockier giving it a tighter wobbling. His angular bill involved in creating this very attractive swimming action.

In addition, the combination of its angular lip with the internal weight distribution (centred on the middle of the lure) produces a highly alluring swaying swim! The effect of “rolling” is among the most powerful that exist in this family of jerkbaits. The slightly buoyant density (slow floating) of Dace Minnow made him the ideal lure for prospecting congested areas of weed beds in the spring, before they reach the surface, or in the fall when they start to rot. The pauses that will leave Dace Minnow back slowly to the surface like a classic hard bait, make for obstacles and will prove to trigger ambushes, fish believe they are seeing this prey escape. So stay tuned!

Color chart

Dace Minnow 80 F (80 mm – 7,8 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLA500780-M06
Dace Minnow 80 F (80 mm – 7,8 g)M07 (MAT SHRIMP)SAPLA500780-M07
Dace Minnow 80 F (80 mm – 7,8 g)M16 (MAT PERCH)SAPLA500780-M16
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