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Category : Minnow
Specifications : 110 mm (14.3 g)
Depth range : Jusqu’à 1.10 m

As a true slender sand eel, the Smart Minnow 110 SP evolved around the rocks of chaos in the  Aquitaine or beaches on the Mediterranean coast. A reference to Bass anglers.

The internal structure of Smart Minnow 110SP contains a mass transfer system developed with three balls 18/10, allowing you to calmly face the changing weather. You will retain the advantage and continue to run off with precision even the wind.
Its dynamic swim action at the first turns of the crank and reinforced bib drags on average 50 cm to a little over a meter under the surface. His “wobbling” is a nervous stability, ensuring smooth and stable strokes. Highly reactive to “twitches” and “jerks” Smart Minnow is off-center easily, almost on site, with a large amplitude which makes it easily spotted by predators.
In a design and an irreproachable manufacturing, no doubt, the Smart Minnow will quickly become the favorite to go out at sea.

Color chart

Smart Minnow 110 SP (110 mm – 14,3 g)G06 (GHOST MINNOW)LESK5811306
NEWSmart Minnow 110 SP (110 mm – 14,3 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLA5032110-A06
Smart Minnow 110 SP (110 mm – 14,3 g)M08 (MAT IVORY GOLD)SAPLA5032110-M08
Smart Minnow 110 SP (110 mm – 14,3 g)020 (SEXY SHAD)SAPLA5032110-020
Smart Minnow 110 SP (110 mm – 14,3 g)P05 (PEARL LEMON)SAPLA5032110-P05
Smart Minnow 110 SP (110 mm – 14,3 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)LESK5811706
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