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Category : Longbill Minnow
Specifications : 90 SP : 90 mm (13 g)
Depth range : 90 SP : up to 3 m

Rush Diver 90 SP shines with efficiency and versatility to flush out any predator in the sea or freshwater. Zander and black bass, bass, bonito, casting or trolling, it has already dethroned in some regions go to lures as skipjack and bonito love it.

If Rush Diver 90SP is an excellent trolling lure, it is also very effective to start to trigger the attack of carnivorous posted in depth. Its neutral density (SP), called “suspending” allows him to park at the depth at which you will have it during a pause in the recovery. Thus, and at that point you can do a jerk to twirl and shine its flanks. This specific technique is radical for longbill minnows as well on pike, black bass and other predators including sea bass.

Color chart

Rush Diver 90 SP (90 mm – 13 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLA502890-A06
Rush Diver 90 SP (90 mm – 13 g)A10 (AURORA BLUE)SAPLA502890-A10
Rush Diver 90 SP (90 mm – 13 g)M08 (MAT IVORY GOLD)SAPLA502890-M08
Rush Diver 90 SP (90 mm – 13 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)LESK6009706
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