Terminal tackle


The Plomb Clip Poire takes place in our referrals to demand, as they are popular with fishermen.

Really practical to quickly add ballast to a jerkbait with a pike or swimbait you clip these Pear Clip Weights instantly on the eye of lures not harm their swimming action. We also use very often with small jigs and medium lures (2.0 to 3.0). Lead will be clipped to the eye directly or on the clip. Also great to add weight to Squid Jigs!
Variable amount depending on the size (see table).

CodeModelWeight (g)Qty / Pack
SAPAA0001-4Plombs Clip Poire45
SAPAA0001-6Plombs Clip Poire65
SAPAA0001-8Plombs Clip Poire85
SAPAA0001-10Plombs Clip Poire105
SAPAA0001-12Plombs Clip Poire125
SAPAA0001-15Plombs Clip Poire154
SAPAA0001-18Plombs Clip Poire184
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 Terminal tackle range