Terminal tackle


This lightweight clip is ideal for connecting a hard bait because it does not affect its action, however small it may be.

Our smaller sizes 000 and 00 are ideal for mini hard lures that must not be unbalanced or too burdened to remain effective. Medium and large sized baits, will suit depending on their size – 0-3, freshwater predators.
Stainless steel, nickel finish. Pieces per pack: 10 pieces.

CodeModelTest (kg)
SAPAB1001000-NKLAgrafe Nice Snap – Taille 0004
ACSK 3150002Agrafe Nice Snap – Taille 009
ACSK 3150001Agrafe Nice Snap – Taille 012
ACSK 3150010Agrafe Nice Snap – Taille 118
ACSK 3150020Agrafe Nice Snap – Taille 225
ACSK 3150030Agrafe Nice Snap – Taille 330
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Terminal tackle range