Terminal tackle


Technical finesse and discreet par excellence, the drop shot can capture very active and difficult fish. SAKURA offers these special drop shot sinkers to the elongated profile.

The Long Drop Shot weights are designed to fish on positions which the substrate is soft or there is soft structure. Their tapered shape facilitates passage through the obstacles limiting hang ups. Equipped with a cleat mounted on swivel eye, they can quickly adapt to the mounting conditions.
The gram weight is molded on the lead. Variable amount depending on the size (see table).

CodeModelWeight (g)Poids (Oz.)
ACSK 7505005Plombs Drop Shot Longs53/16
ACSK 7505007Plombs Drop Shot Longs71/4
ACSK 7505010Plombs Drop Shot Longs103/8
ACSK 7505014Plombs Drop Shot Longs141/2
ACSK 7505018Plombs Drop Shot Longs185/8
ACSK 7505021Plombs Drop Shot Longs213/4
ACSK 7505028Plombs Drop Shot Longs281
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Terminal tackle range