Terminal tackle


Made of stainless steel wire of larger diameter than the Nice Snap, Sakura Diamond Snap clip is naturally destined for larger fish and harsher fisheries.

Well designed, it remains light enough to be used on light lures. Enjoy the dual quick release system which is very convenient, even when you have your fingers numb with cold, and its symmetrical design that locks the link.
Stainless steel, nickel finish. Pieces per pack: 10 pieces.

CodeModelTest (kg)
ACSK 3200001Agrafe Diamond Snap – Taille 08
ACSK 3200010Agrafe Diamond Snap – Taille 114
ACSK 3200020Agrafe Diamond Snap – Taille 222
ACSK 3200030Agrafe Diamond Snap – Taille 335
ACSK 3200040Agrafe Diamond Snap – Taille 445
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terminal tackle