Terminal tackle


When it comes to fishing your lure on Texan mounting in the heart of the snaggiest swims, be sure to lock the sliding weight with our Sinker Stoppers.

Kept in contact with the eye of the hook it makes a more compact design which minimizes the risk of snagging. Striking or during the fight, the Sinker Stopper slides on the line and releases the weight which limits fish loss through thrown hooks.

Smooth and elongated, the Sinker Stoppers Sakura slide through obstacles, especially in weeds, avoiding the collection of weed and debris, particularly repulsive to fish.

ACSK 7001000Sinker StopperXS – Pour diamètre de ligne > 0,15 mm
ACSK 7001001Sinker StopperS – Pour diamètre de ligne > 0,25 mm
ACSK 7001002Sinker StopperM – Pour diamètre de ligne > 0,32 mm
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Terminal tackle range