In 2020, Sakura takes you one step further!

The most important innovations at SAKURA for 2020 will undoubtedly be a source of wonder and pleasure at the water’s edge.

The new rods Redbird will equip qualitatively while preserving its budget. Always at a measured price, the new Bidaia multi-strand “travel” rods complete our offer of compact rods. They will also be useful in Street Fishing or when the family car is well loaded! Practice developed in Japan and recently arrived in Europe, the “Trout Area Fishing” was part of our work with the range of rods Tsubarea and lures Phoxy Area and Skoon Fat Area. The flagship of our range is now called Ionizer and was designed according to the same principle of use as the Trinis they succeed. You will notice the vintage cosmetics, very classy, ​​and the improvements in the carbon that make up the blank that translate into weight gain. The fishermen of large marine fish (Tunas, GT, etc.) will appreciate the new Mitsio rods that they were looking forward to. That the exotic fishermen who liked the models of the 1st generation are reassured, the blank and the constitutive elements were simply optimized, but the spirit of Mitsio rods is always present! In addition to these pure creations, you will discover the additions to Salt Sniper, SDPM, Tsubaki and Shükan ranges.
As for the reels, Sakura offers you a size 2507FD for the Tsubaki reel. It will make it possible to fight big trout in big river thanks to a superior capacity and a more robust frame. Faced with the development of marine sparidae techniques, we have integrated a low-profile casting reel, the Wombat 71 LJ, which will perfectly balance our rods slow jigging, tenya and madai. New Sensibraid 8X braid diameters adapted to these techniques are also added to the 2020 catalog.
As you can imagine, we have also done a lot of work on our range of lures with novelties that deserve your attention. We are particularly thinking about the SCB Crank Micro Diver or the Chopsy and Flat Phoxy Minnows models that reinforce our “trout” offer. In full expansion, the chatterbait fishing can be done in the best conditions with our new colors “kicker” and new size Cajun Chatterbait.
Finally, on the side of soft lures, our Gobygo has new sizes and colors reactive to UV. In front, the increase in environmental awareness of fishermen, Sakura designed the new Shadura swimbait made of PVC without phthalates or bisphenol A. It is also recyclable. Of course, his fishing qualities are excellent.

You see it, it is a myriad of novelties that awaits you and we let you the pleasure to discover them so much there is some!