Sakura 2022 new products

Designed in our Bordeaux offices, the new 2022 Sakura predators have been developed by us to provide you with pleasure and efficiency, all at a price that is always measured.

Season after season, Sakura new products follow one another and bring their share of innovations and beautiful surprises!
What more could you ask for to satisfy your passion on a daily basis?

Here are our must-haves among the 2022 Sakura predator novelties which will of course be accompanied by many other novelties that we leave it to you to discover by clicking on the thumbnails in the gallery below:

Carefully crafted, the Fresh Sniper lure rod series consists of 16 rods that perfectly meet the needs of lure anglers. Equipped with stainless black rings with curved frame, anti-tangle, the Fresh Sniper rods are built from a lightweight and resonant IM24T carbon blank.

The quality-price ratio of this series offers everyone the possibility of equipping themselves and fishing with equipment designed with the same quality standards as the rest of our range, while having a really competitive price. Real predator novelties 2022 Sakura!

The S-Shiner is an authentic glide bait for fishing Pike! This swimbait, articulated in 2 sections, connected by a double hinge, has this swim in “S”, characteristic of this type of lure. The perfect balance and its exclusive design provide instant action. Its sinking density drags it to the bottom at around 5 s/m, making it ideal for fishing between 0.50 and 1.50 m.

The SK Crank is a new low-diving squarebill crankbait that joins our SCB range. This continues to prove itself across Europe to all predators. This new version, entirely silent, has a square flap which gives it powerful swimming and extraordinary anti-snag capacity. A must for fishing congested areas.

On the soft lure side, the Sodium Eel and the Sodium Shad are our two new spearheads for bass fishing. These two pre-armed soft lures are part of the Sodium range which also houses the Sodium Tex’Shad. Launched on the market during the 2021 season, they were immediately adopted by bass and marine predator fishermen in general, as their effectiveness was immediate. We have also classified them in the Sakura 2022 predator novelties section as it is important that you don’t miss them! Maybe your season depends on it?!

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Have a great season!
Tanguy and Franck

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Sakura new products 2022

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