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Category : Crankbait
Specifications : 70 mm (19.6 g)
Depth range : 0 à 4 m

The Golem Crank 400 F has the same technical and innovative features as the 200 but physically has a larger build.

This is an excellent model to prospect when power fishing. Very versatile, however, this discreet swimming characteristic of both models let you fool the fish that have become wary to classic crankbaits.

Color chart

Golem Crank 400 F (70 mm – 19,6g)G12 (GHOST BASS)SAPLA501070-G12
Golem Crank 400 F (70 mm – 19,6g)M08 (MAT IVORY GOLD)SAPLA501070-M08
Golem Crank 400 F (70 mm – 19,6g)M11 (MAT BLACK)SAPLA501070-M11
Golem Crank 400 F (70 mm – 19,6g)RL09 (REAL LIFE BASS)SAPLA501070-RL09
Golem Crank 400 F (70 mm – 19,6g)RL10 (REAL LIFE SUNFISH)SAPLA501070-RL10
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