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Category : Crankbait
Specifications : 200F : 50 mm (7.6 g)
Depth range :  0 à 2 m

The Golem Crank 200F is a great finesse crankbait. The specific measurements were designed for a discreet profile including low amplitude vibration, based on a “rolling”  and tight wobbling action.

It is a real weapon of persuasion in the face of fish subject to heavy fishing pressure or low activity. Featuring an internal mass transfer system, the Golem 200F starts to wonder and positions impeccably upon entering the water for a quick dive. To reduce the water pressure on his bib, to give it that very special swimming and reduce the sensation of “pulling” transmitted through the rod in the wrist of the fisherman, the lip of the Golem 200F has a perforation between the nose of the lure and the eyelet attachment. Passing through the tunnel, the water flow creates a unique vibratory signature, easier to find and attack the lure.

Color chart

Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)A11 (AURORA GOLD)LESK6320011
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)A16 (AURORA PERCH)LESK6320016
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)G04 (GHOST CRAW)LESK6320304
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)G12 (GHOST BASS)SAPLA501050-G12
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)M08 (MAT IVORY GOLD)SAPLA501050-M08
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)M09 (MAT BLUE TIGER)SAPLA501050-M09
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)M11 (MAT BLACK)SAPLA501050-M11
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)015 (MUD BUG)LESK6320615
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)021 (LIME CHART)SAPLA501050-021
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)RL 03 (REAL LIFE PERCHE)SAPLA501050-RL03
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)RL05 (REAL LIFE GARDON)SAPLA501050-RL05
Golem Crank 200 F (50 mm – 7,6g)RL09 (REAL LIFE BASS)SAPLA501050-RL09
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