Rock Pouch

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Sakura offers the Rock Pouch, its the smallest item in the our luggage family! It’s the perfect accessory for traveling ultra-light fishing.

In “Light Rock Fishing” and “street fishing” the Rock Pouch put on a belt to store the soft lures in sealed transparent plastic sleeves. A small transparent plastic box (12 x 8.5 x 2.5 cm), slipped into a mesh pouch with 6 compartments to store jig heads, hooks, sinkers and other accessories.
An indispensable tool to move discreetly, whether urban shores or port areas. Made of polyester and padded waterproof 420 denier.
* Note: the contents of the luggage storage photographed is not included, sold separately or presented as an illustration.

ModelCodeDimensions (cm)
Rock PouchSAPLB3018-ORANGE14 x 12 x 5
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