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Sakura introduces the Bakkan Bag Hard in XL version and more robust than our current Bakkan 26L. Equally practical but capable of storing a considerably larger volume of material, it is made of rigid polyester 1.5 mm thick and is welded. This large waterproof bag is rot-proof and offers a capacity of 36.5 liters.

Equipped with anti-slip pads on the bottom, it is very resistant (1.5 mm thick compared to 0.5 mm for the Bakkan 26L) and allows to store a large volume of material thanks to its generous dimensions. Sold with a 4 liter snap – on shelf that will serve to sock the lures you use the most without having to look for them in your boxes or, if you fish at sea, to keep apart the used lures that will have to be rinsed with the “ The Bakkan Soft Box can also complement this great bakkan to organize your material to the best.


2017ModelCodeDimensions (cm)Dimensions (cm)
NEWBakkan Bag HardSAPLE3001BLC-36.5LBakkan Hard 45 x 27 x 30Snap-on inner tray 27 x 17 x 9
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