In 2021, Sakura persists and signs!

Season after season, Sakura novelties follow one another and bring their share of innovations and nice surprises! Designed in our Bordeaux offices, the Sakura 2021 equipment is developed by us to provide you with pleasure and efficiency, all at a price that is always measured to remain accessible. What more could you ask for to satisfy your passion on a daily basis?

The new Sakura 2021 Redbird rod sizes will allow you to tease trout and perch with light lures, from the shore. Their 8 ′ length will make it easier for you to reach remote stations and control the lure from a distance.

A practice developed in Japan and recently arrived in Europe, “Trout Area Fishing” was one of our areas of work last year and we are completing the TSUBAREA rod range by bringing two new references. This year 2021 also sees the complete renewal of the famous Salt Sniper, Speciz and Shükan series. New blanks and revised cosmetics will please the most demanding of you!

You have welcomed the IONIZER rod range with enthusiasm and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts because it was not easy to succeed the legendary Trinis! This year, we are reinforcing this superb series with specific Bass models and two new Ionizer Finesse.

Regarding the reels, and among the new Sakura 2021 products, we are offering you a makeover of the famous Tsubaki. Voted bestseller by our customers. This reel continues its career with success because you do not change a winning team!

You will surely be sensitive to the arrival of the Ceos FD, a rather “Sea” type reel that will allow you to compose elegant sets with Salt Sniper rods and Shükan. The famous Lomax is gaining ground with a High Speed ​​version which was missing from our range.

On the casting reels side, there are a lot of new Sakura 2021 releases, at all price points. Ligero SBC 151 and SBC 201, then Wombat 72 H and new Wombat 65 PWR join the now complete family of spinning reels.

As you can imagine, we have also done a lot of work on our range of lures with new Sakura 2021 products that deserve your attention. We are particularly thinking of the Bubble Frog and Rider Frog or the Dynastick which are already available. Of course our Cajun spinnerbaits and bladed jigs (new name for chatterbait) are still evolving and strengthening their position as French leaders with new original colors. In full expansion, bladed jig fishing can be practiced in the best conditions with our Zuid Bladed Jig, whose size of 35 g is intended more for pike. You were waiting for it, here it is!
Also nice surprise with the R-Jig, our bucktail jig launched last year which has been a well-deserved success as this type of lure is so addicting and versatile. Check out the new 14g size here.
Finally, and to finish in style, on the soft lures side, our Slash Blade palette shad is coming in force with no less than 12 colors replicated in 3 sizes! It offers unique technological characteristics and has won over all pike fishermen who have had the chance to test it.
Fishermen at sea, but not only, will turn their attention to the Sodium Shad, a ready-to-fish swimbait with superb finishes and remarkable swimming that is sure to seduce bass and wolves of our coasts.

Both made of PVC without phthalates or bisphenol A, they are also recyclable and, of course, their fishing qualities are excellent.

As you can see, a myriad of Sakura 2021 New Releases awaits you and we leave you the pleasure of discovering them as there are so many!

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Have a great season!
Tanguy and Franck