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Category : Tail spinner
Specifications : 39 mm (21 g)
Depth range : up to 10 m

The Tailspin 21 is a compact and dense lure, equipped in tail with a spinning “nail” blade connected by a ball bearing swivel. It is extremely versatile as it can be retrieved steadily like a spinner, varying swimming speed and depths.

It also excels in jigging (vertical dandine) to fish scools of perch and zander. Even at great depth it will always be effective. Thanks to the tail spin ball bearing swivel, its blade rotates at the slightest speed and emits strong visual and vibratory signals. Our color chart will allow you to use it in clear or muddy waters. The unique hook is a double model that allows to go through the cover without hanging too much.


NEWTailspin 21 (39 mm – 21 g)A06 (AURORA MINNOW)SAPLE500221-A06
NEWTailspin 21 (39 mm – 21 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLE500221-M06
NEWTailspin 21 (39 mm – 21 g)M12 (MAT RED CRAW)SAPLE500221-M12
NEWTailspin 21 (39 mm – 21 g)M14 (MAT PINK TIGER)SAPLE500221-M14
NEWTailspin 21 (39 mm – 21 g)016 (BRONZE PERCH)SAPLE500221-016
NEWTailspin 21 (39 mm – 21 g)P06 (PEARL WHITE)SAPLE500221-P06
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