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Category : Jigging minnow
Specifications : 37 mm (13 g)
Depth range : Jusqu’à 15 m

Originally designed to fish through the ice, the Dart Ice Jig 13S is also able to catch fish hanging in the water column in times of hot weather or near the bottom in the autumn. Ultimately, this type of lure is able to make you catch fish all year!

Widely used in the Nordic countries, this type of lure is at the crossroads between a jig and a minnow metal, presented in France for several years under the influence of some competitors and the craze for vertical fishing .

His body is completely moulded lead which gives them a high density and a very compact silhouette. This is a major asset to seduce perch and zander which feed on tiny prey in early summer. Attached by the back with an open loop or a clip, it animates by small tweaks (light or medium light rod). So he jumped nervously jerky and irregular describing an ideal circular path to fish in the cone of the sonar. This unpredictable behaviour surprises and attracts predators, which will soon prove their lust for this prey that seems elusive.

Color chart

Dart Ice Jig 13 S (37 mm – 13 g)A11 (AURORA GOLD)SAPLD503537-A11
Dart Ice Jig 13 S (37 mm – 13 g)A16 (AURORA PERCH)SAPLD503537-A16
Dart Ice Jig 13 S (37 mm – 13 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)SAPLD503537-M06
NEWDart Ice Jig 13 S (37 mm – 13 g)M14 (MAT PINK TIGER)SAPLD503537-M14
Dart Ice Jig 13 S (37 mm – 13 g)016 (BRONZE PERCH)SAPLD503537-016
Dart Ice Jig 13 S (37 mm – 13 g)017 (RED FIN)SAPLD503537-017
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