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Specifications :
• 5 g – 5/16 oz – Hook n°1

Monarch Micro is a miniature spinnerbait designed especially for finesse fishing. Built with quality materials and a high quality finish, available with a single blade “nail” that is well suited to its size. Designed for quiet water carnivorous, he will also deceive chub and asp but also some aggressive trout.

The ball swivel that supports the terminal spoon allows its rotation upon entering the water and during the descent phase. Equally effective for rapid recovery in “slow rolling” the Monarc Micro is perfectly balanced with its center of gravity very low. The spine of the lure consists of a pin stainless steel wire 0.7 mm in diameter, which is a very good compromise between the necessary strength in combat and flexibility needed to optimise vibrations from the blades and wriggling of the skirt. The latter consists of silicone filaments, attached by hand, offering the ideal volume to simulate the body of a prey without harming the animation or presentation of the lure.

The head realistic, highly detailed and 3D eyes “Sakur’eyes” refine the qualitative aspect of this spinnerbait that will allow you, from one end to the other of the season, to deal with many situations. Armed with a hook Owner “cutting point” black-nickel, Monarc micro will land any predator hooked.

Color chart

NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW01 (HOT CHART)SAPLD50115-MDW01
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW02 (WHITE & CHART)SAPLD50115-MDW02
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW03 (RED TIGER)SAPLD50115-MDW03
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW05 (NATURAL SHINER)SAPLD50115-MDW05
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW06 (MAZJORA)SAPLD50115-MDW06
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW07 (FIRE TIGER)SAPLD50115-MDW07
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW08 (BABY BASS)SAPLD50115-MDW08
NEWMonarc Micro 3/16 Oz (5 g)MDW10 (GOLDEN SHINER)SAPLD50115-MDW10
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