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Specifications :
• 28 g – 1 oz – Hook n° 3/0

The Monsoon corresponds perfectly to the expectations of those searching for pike or large bass. Offered in one size 28 grams, it is equipped with a mounting blades “tandem” rather catchy: Colorado 3.5 and willow # 7!

Emitting strong vibrations and produce long-range flashes, this is the Monsoon. Able to remain attractive during the slower retrieves, it behaves perfectly in more traditional animation, but it’s the descent that makes a difference through the unique process which we have provided (see inset). See and feel the two constantly swirl vane is an asset that differentiates it from conventional design spinnerbait. Moreover, our system keeps the weedless spinnerbait capabilities. Finally, the stainless steel of 1.10 mm frame, will withstand the onslaught of the most vicious pike.

Color chart

Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)MDW01 (HOT CHART)SAPLC50521-MDW01
Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)MDW02 (WHITE & CHART)SAPLC50521-MDW02
Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)MDW03 (RED TIGER)SAPLC50521-MDW03
Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)MDW07 (FIRE TIGER)SAPLC50521-MDW07
Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)RL03 (REAL LIFE PERCHE)SAPLC50521-RL03
Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)RL09 (REAL LIFE BASS)SAPLC50521-RL09
Monsoon Tandem Willow 1 Oz (28 g)RL14 (REAL LIFE PEACOCK)SAPLC50521-RL14
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