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Code SAPRD802290-2MH
Model RYS 902 MH
Length (feet) 9′
Length (m) 2,70
Power Medium Heavy
Lure rating (g) 15-60
Line rating (lb) 10-20
Action Fast
Pieces 2 equal
Closed length (cm) 140
Weight (g) 199
Guides 10

RYOKAN fishing rod – Spinning

RYS 902 MH

The Ryokan 9′ MH was designed by Sakura for coastal fishermen who track the sea bass and any other marine predator from the rocky points of our Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts. In fresh water, it is perfectly suitable for anglers or pike-perch anglers who wish to use soft lures, swimmers or metallic lures.

Its 2.70 m allow you to fish comfortably for several hours and in difficult conditions, especially by strong current and when the swell creates annoying waves at the edge. It is also well suited to practice from overhangs, be it abrupt  rocks or artificial spots in harbor areas.

  • Available alone or in combination with our spinning reel Ginaka 4007 FD. Check with your dealer.
  • IM24T Carbon blank
  • Body guides Sea Guide And a Fuji « O » ring tip ring.
  • Ergonomic ree seat
  • Ergonomic EVA handle
  • Oxford cloth bag

Tip guide : Fuji “O” Rings

The Fuji “O” Rings are made of aluminum oxide and allow to equip rods at a lower cost without sacrificing to the quality that one asks in a ring.
A little less efficient than an Alconite model, the “O” Ring is still above average when compared to equivalent models of the competition.
Its heat resistance is compatible to accept the braid and carry out a fight with a large fish.
The polished steel frame is stainless and offers great resistance to marine corrosion.

Body guides : Sea Guide Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium oxide is the second on Sea Guide quality scale for the construction of the ceramic ring of the guide.
It is good in terms of thermal conductivity, sensitivity, sliding and abrasion resistance.
It is resistant to the friction of braided lines.
The black stainless steel frame has a good resistance to marine corrosion.

RYOKAN Spinning 902 MH 4

Reel seat : ergonomic – gloss black paint

The Ryokan spinning lure rods are all equipped with ergonomic reel holders which ensure a good holding of the reel and guarantee a great comfort of use. The handle of the rod is precise and allows you to carry out throws and manages without muscular fatigue.

Grip material : EVA High density

Compact and very dense, the EVA foam used on our rods ensures comfortable maintenance in all climatic conditions and perfectly transmits the vibratory messages sent by your lure or by a fish.


Grip length.

L1 : 420 mm

L2 : 510 mm

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