RYOKAN Spinning 782 MH 1

RYOKAN Spinning 782 MH 2

Code SAPRD802278-2MH
Model RYS 782 MH
Length (ft) 7’8′
Length (m) 2.33
Power Medium Heavy
Lure rating (g) 10-35
Line rating (lb) 8-16
Action Fast
Pieces 2 equal
Closed length (cm) 121,5
Weight (g) 167
Guides 10

RYOKAN fishing rod – Spinning

RYS 782 M

The 2.33 m of this spinning Ryokan rod offers you a first class lure rod, whose technical set you on par with fishermen equipped with much more expensive models.

Sensitivity, accuracy and power reserve allow you to track down and overcome the biggest seabass or ferocious pike you should stop before they take refuge in heavy cover shelters. Soft lures or crankbaits, nothing scares this rod!

  • IM24T Carbon
  • Body guides : Sea Guide – Tip top guide : Fuji “O” ring.
  • Ergonomic reel seat
  • Hi-density EVA ergonomic grip
  • Oxford cloth bag
  • Available as single rod or in combo with a Sakura Ginaka 4007 spinning reel. Please ask your favourite shop for more information.


Tip guide : Fuji “O” Ring

The Fuji “O” Rings are made of aluminum oxide and can equip rods cheaply without sacrificing too much quality that we demand in a ring.
Slightly less efficient than an Alconite, the “O” Ring remains above average when compared to similar competitive models.
Its heat resistance is compatible for the use of braided lines and carry out a fight with a big fish.
The black stainless steel frame has a great resistance to marine corrosion.

Body guides : Sea Guide Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium oxide is the second on Sea Guide quality scale for the construction of the ceramic ring of the guide.
It is good in terms of thermal conductivity, sensitivity, sliding and abrasion resistance.
It is resistant to the friction of braided lines.
The black stainless steel frame has a good resistance to marine corrosion.

RYOKAN Spinning 782 MH 3

Reel seat : ergonomic – gloss black paint

The Ryokan casting rods are equipped with ergonomic reel seats that provide good holding capacity of the reel and ensure comfort of use. The grip of the rod is precise and allows you to cast easily and during long time without muscle fatigue. The underside of the reel seat has an open window and allows direct contact with the blank. This strengthens the capacity of bite perception and vibrational messages conveyed from your lure to your fingers.

Grip material : Hi-density EVA

Compact and dense EVA foam used on our rods ensures a comfortable fit regardless of the weather conditions and perfectly transmit the vibrational messages sent by your lure or you target fish.


Grip length.

L1 : 340 mm

L2 : 430 mm

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