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Category : Crankbait
Specifications : 40 mm (5 g)
Floating – Plongeant
Depth range : 40 mm : up to 1 m

The Kalik 40 F is a crankbait “flat sided”, the flat sides and narrow section gives it a swimming action and specific vibrational qualities, particularly interesting when faced with educated or inactive fish.

The internal structure of Kalik 40F optimizes mass transfer system that improves casting distances and magnifies his swim. Its distinctive silhouette produces a “wobbling action” very attractive and natural when conditions become difficult. But it takes more to create a new model of crankbait! So we studied the development of snagless properties of this illusion by changing the shape of the lip and a perforation between the nose of the lure and the eye, like the Golem 200 and 400, so as to limit the tension in the rod and promote its bounce over obstacles. By judiciously combining these new systems, we got the Kalik Crank, an innovative crankbait, whose effectiveness has equal only its simplicity of use: the ideal mix between attractiveness and functionality!

Color chart

Kalik Crank 40 F (40 mm – 5 g)G04 (GHOST CRAW)SAPLA501240-G04
Kalik Crank 40 F (40 mm – 5 g)M16 (MAT PERCH)SAPLA502740-M16
Kalik Crank 40 F (40 mm – 5 g)RL03 (REAL LIFE PERCHE)SAPLA501240-RL03
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