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Category : Crankbait
Specifications : 45 mm (6.8 g)
Depth range : 0 à 0.30 m

Moving only a few centimeters below the surface, the Golem Crank Zero is a crank bait subsurface,  perfect to fish just under the surface. It allows you to fish in a similar style to that made with real surface lures (topwters) triggering violent and explosive attacks, always exciting!

With a very full waggle (wide wobbling) and a slight roll, the Golem Crank Zero moves plenty of water and was spotted from a distance by emitting powerful low-frequency waves, reinforced by the crackle of his ball rattle. On the surface, its presence will result in the creation of real turmoil in its wake. This “water way” greatly facilitates the identification of this remote prey by carnivorous posted in the vicinity You will appreciate the efficiency of shallow areas often congested herbarium in summer or raised by wind.

Color chart

Golem Crank Zero (45 mm – 6,8 g)G06 (GHOST MINNOW)LESK6300306
Golem Crank Zero (45 mm – 6,8 g)M06 (MAT TIGER)LESK6300506
Golem Crank Zero (45 mm – 6,8 g)M08 (MAT IVORY GOLD)SAPLA501045-M08
Golem Crank Zero (45 mm – 6,8 g)012 (NIGHT BLACK)LESK6300612
Golem Crank Zero (45 mm – 6,8 g)021 (LIME CHART)SAPLA501045-021
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