Baitcasting reel

CALIX 64 CTi – 73 CTi – 81 CTi

Available in three ratios, the casting reel CALIX CTi is positioned as a reel ideally designed for the use with very light modern rods. With only 169 grams on the scale, this reel is among the lightest on the market.

We wanted to avoid using magnesium-based alloys are proving costly and dangerous to machine. That is why our choice fell on a composite “carbon-titanium” named NCRT, usually used in the aerospace and building “concept cars” in the largest body shops and car manufacturers (Pagani, Ferrari , etc.). This material offers a good compromise “lightness / strength” and a weight gain of 20 to 30% from a reel made of metal. Rigidity and oxidation resistance are also equal to or greater than those of magnesium base alloys.

Mechanically, if used for a range of sizes suitable lures with the appropriate ratio, the CTi CALIX, is very powerful. It was tested also in the Amazon and Ireland, for varying weather conditions, facing fierce predators.

According to the techniques employed you can choose the speed of recovery that is best for you to animate your lures.

  • CTi-64R : the most versatile of the range because its ratio would suit all sorts of techniques (soft lures, hard lures, etc.)
  • CTi-73F : a high ratio but keeps good versatility. Perfect for fishing rubber jig, soft lures, lipless crankbaits.
  • CTi-81H : One of the highest ratios in the market! Ideal for fishing rubber jig, soft lures and expeditious with lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits.


Specifications Oxio CTi
  • 9 bearings « made in Japan »
  •  NCRT body
  • NCRT body easy to open
  • double anodised aluminium V Spool
  • infinite anti reverse bloc
  • Titanium Nitride line guide plate
  • Duralumin-Aramid multidisk drag, progressive and powerful
  •  Dual Brake System (DBS)
  • spool release button for casting
  • anodised aluminium curved handle
  •  EVA handle grips
  • weight : only 169 g


CodeModelBearingsWeight (g)CapacityGear ratioRecovery per turn (cm)Drag (kg)
SAPRD703064CALIX CTi C-64R9 + 1169130 m / 0,30 mm6.4:1646
SAPRD703073CALIX CTi C-73F9 + 1169130 m / 0,30 mm7.3:1766
SAPRD703081CALIX CTi C-81H9 + 1169130 m / 0,30 mm8.1:1816
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DBS (Dual Brake System) consists of a fast acting magnetic brake and automatic centrifugal brake.

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