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Sakura introduces its entry level float tube MIGHTY MIDGET. With an excellent quality to price ratio, it allows everybody to be equiped and fish in total freedom !

Designed and optimized in terms of room and storage pockets, you can bring a lot of takle boxes for long fishing days. Perfectly adapted for discrete approaches, its “V” shape and its high waterline will provide you comfort, stability and maneuverability as well as a high speed of movement.

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– Dimensions: 140 cm long x 100 cm wide / Weight 5 kg

– 115 kg load

– Value for money

– Canvas 900 D very resistant

– A pronounced V-shape with excellent hydrodynamics and maneuverability.

– High flotation for a great comfort in fishing action

– Air bladders of specific colors according to their position (right / red or left / green) which facilitates the installation and the service procedures

– Discs for reinforcement and centering of balloon valves to facilitate their installation and accelerate the implementation of the float-tube

– Two large compartmented side pockets with extra capacity + additional pockets

– Seat and backrest comfort, adjustable consisting of independent inflatable bladders

– Graduated apron graduated net

– Rigid cross-bar (PVC) for holding the floats

– Storage space behind the seat to accommodate a bakkan or waterproof bag (sold separately)

– Many “D-rings” rings for the installation of accessories: rod holder sold separately, etc.

– Delivered with carrying straps + foot pump Kit

– 2 individual vinyll bladders for more security

– Inflated parts from seat and backrest add floatation capacity and security

– We recomand to wear a life jacket each time you’re using a float tube

Between uses take care to store the float tube in a dark, dry and vented area. Durinf storage, please deflate the bladders a little bit to decrease pressure on valves and bladders. Never over inflate the float tube when you are using it and specially in hot and sunny days.

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