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SKOON FAT 60 – 70 – 80

Category : Spoon
Specifications : 60 mm (11,8 g) – 70 mm (16,2 g) – 80 mm (20,9 g)
Black nickel treble hook.

The range of undulating spoons Skoon Fat 60-70 – 80 is intended for trout fishing in medium and large rivers, and also lakes that hold still water predators. Made of steel with high carbon content, this undulating spoon is high quality with a beautiful swimming action. Enjoy Real Life Series finishes to fool predators when conditions are complicated!

The undulating spoon Skoon Fat provides a powerful stroke, high amplitude but low period. It lends itself perfectly to fairly slow retrieves, sometimes pausing to enjoy its beautiful rolling flutter it performs and often triggers the attack of the most wary predators. Compact and precise action, Skoon Fat gives you a choice asset to prospect closer to the snags (rocks, underwater obstacles, etc.). His particular profile intended for slow rivers and low water periods, or lakes and reservoirs.

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